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Site Updates

Speed Up
I've added page compression to speed up map display!
QRZ Maps fix
Change the <iframe> URL from src=http://qsomap.org to src=https://thesaegers.com I've installed SSL on that server. These certificates cost $150/year -- ouch! N9MS
QRZ Maps not working
QRZ switched to SSL (https)preventing QSOMAP iframe from working. You will have to change the iframe URL. See above. N9MS
New Server
I moved QSOMAP.ORG to a new server. Let me know if you run into any problems!
More control over your QRZ map
I added new FAQs that explain how to make your map appear larger, center the map on any location, and change the zoom level. N9MS
Google Earth not working?
Suddenly, Google Earth is not working on Google Chrome. I do have it working on FireFox. Try FireFox if you continue to have problems. N9MS
Google Earth
Hover mouse over pin. Pin will change to: then left-click and QSL card or image will be displayed if supplied.

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