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World Map The World Map borders were way too thick. I've reduced the border lines to be much thinner.
Contest Replay I'm testing a new map that shows your contacts from 1 to n for a contest showing the day/night terminator as the contest moved along. See my post in Groups.IO here or click the heading above. Update 11/26 A new parameter allows you to advance through the contest by a specified number of minutes.
Fixed Maps For the 1st 3 maps under Maps Neither the Manual Add nor Delete were working. Fixed.
QSO Forwarding If you try QSO Forwarding without success, go to Maps > Map Lookup by Callsign and search for W9QQQ. Any Forwarding message that does not contain your station CallSign defaults to W9QQQ. If you see your QSO there, your XML Forwarding Message is missing your CallSign.
World Country Map Worked countries are highlighted in orange. The new High Rez map supports more countries. Check out the entire country list in the Groups.IO forum under (World Map).


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