County Hunters ADIF Processor Program

Download Instructions (For PCs)

  1. Create a folder in the root of your C: Drive It MUST be named C:\QSOMAP
  2. Copy your ADIF file into the QSOMAP folder and re-name it "IN.adi"
  3. Un-Zip the downloaded file "" to folder of your choice
  4. Execute the downloaded program "Setup.exe" -- You will only run Setup.exe once.
  5. For following executions, run the ConsoleApp3 program that has now been installed on your PC
  6. A new file named OUT.adi will be created in the QSOMAP sub-direcctory containing only unique counties.
  7. During this testing period, an additional file "temp.adi" will be found in your QSOMAP directory. If you are having problems, this file could help fix any issue you might encounter
  8. Upload the OUT.adi file to the County Hunters Map
When you execute Setup.EXE it will install a program called ConsoleAPP3. which will immediately run (so have your IN.ADI file ready in c:\QSOMAP). If you are not yet ready to run the program, just close the window and run ConsoleApp3 later when you are ready. You can't execute the Setup.EXE a 2nd time without first un-installing ConsoleApp3.

You will first be prompted to answer a Y/N question:
  • Does your ADIF file contain <country ADIF tags that the program can use to filter out all non-USA counties
  • If your ADIF file contains <country tags, enter a "y". If the program doesn't find any <country records -- no problem. There won't be any records in your OUT.adi file. Run the program again, but this time answer "N".
  • If your ADIF file DOES NOT contain <country tags, then your OUT.adi file will have some "bogus" county records getting uploaded. There are other countries that have counties -- but they won't match up with the USA counties.
  • The Mapping program will check your <cnty records against the government database and throw out incorrect records
  • If your ADIF file DOES NOT contain <country tags, then enter "n"

  • The whole idea of this program is to keep the upload file down to a reasonable size. It helps if you can filter out just the USA QSOs, if you can't, the ADIF processor will attempt to do the filtering either based on your ADIF <country tags or your <cnty tags. In any case, the OUT.adi file will be much smaller than your original ADIF file.

    Questions? email me or comment in the Groups.IO forum.