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Multiple Userids Check out the FAQ to learn how to create additional Userids for storing selected QSOs (e.g. N9MS/QRP, N9MS/WIQP, N9MS/POTA1, etc.). I'm not sure if QRZ limits you to any number of Secondary Callsigns
New Menu Option: Maps Preview Select map from sample map images
Worked All States Map Discontinued due Google's high cost Geocoding API. I'll have to figure out a work-around.
QSO Forwarding Instructions have been moved to the HELP menu.

As a thank you to my donors, I will add extra maps to your account at your request (e.g. N9XYZ/CQWPX or N9XYZ/DXCC etc.) This may help reduce the number of markers on any one map.

Mike N9MS

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