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County Maps Thanks to our DONORS, I was able to purchase both the State QSO Party maps, and the U.S. County map! (hundreds of $$).
State QSO Party Maps Hover text for each county now displays callsigns as a numbered list.
N1MM logs I am updating State QSO Party maps to NOT REQUIRE N1MM conversion. If map says N3FJP/N1MM logs preferred conversion is not required.
Maine QSO Party
New Jersey QSO Party
Iowa QSO Party
Colorado QSO Party
Tennessee QSO Party
West Virginia QSO Party
Kansas QSO Party
New Maps added. All accept N1MM logs without conversion. Each of these maps [plus MN, TX, and WI] display county names for worked counties. I am in the process of adding county names to each state map for worked counties.

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Washington Salmon Run Map

Only Washington Counties Supported. Non-Washington contacts ignored.

N3FJP Contest Log ADIF files preferred

N1MM users use the AD1C conversion program to add county names and states to your ADIF file before uploading.

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