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State QSO Party Maps Hover text for each county now displays callsigns as a numbered list.
N1MM logs I am updating State QSO Party maps to NOT REQUIRE N1MM conversion. If map says N3FJP/N1MM logs preferred conversion is not required.
West Virginia QSO Party New Map added. Accepts N1MM logs.
County Maps Thanks to our DONORS, I was able to purchase both the State QSO Party maps, and the U.S. County map! (hundreds of $$).
New Options: QSOMAP on your website: &z= zoom level -- &header=off removes header info from map -- &am=orange changes Yellow marker to Orange marker for AM mode. See User Manual p.35 for more info.
CQ/ITU zone map with half-size markers This map has an option to only include your most recent QSOs. The markers are half-size and won't totally obliterate your map if it has many markers.
QSO Forwarding Supported logging programs: HRD,N1MM,N3FJP,Log4om. See the Help menu for details.

As a thank you to my donors, I will add extra maps to your account at your request (e.g. N9XYZ/CQWPX or N9XYZ/DXCC etc.) This may help reduce the number of markers on any one map.

Mike N9MS

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