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New Map Check out the new Polyline map under the maps option. Just enter your starting gridsquare.
Map Pin Info Fixed A single click on a marker now displays the image.
2 New Maps Check out the CQ/ITU ZONE MAP option under the MAPS menu. Click on the Options dropdown and check the Show CQ Zones option or the Show ITU Zones option.
New Tools Option Check out the Sorted Contacts option.
WSPR There is a new map -- WPSR. It works with WSPRNET.ORG's Database function. You copy/paste the database information into the WSPR map. You can see my WSPR map HERE. Click on a marker to display the WSPR info for that spot.
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As a thank you to my donors, I will add extra maps to your account at your request (e.g. N9XYZ/CQWPX or N9XYZ/DXCC etc.) This may help reduce the number of markers on any one map.

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